Meet The TRY PANAMA Team

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 Corrin Skubin,  originally from Flourtown, PA migrated to Panama in 2003 as a Peace Corps  Volunteer, where she lived and worked in the Ngobe Indian Reservation for over 2 years.   She has  lived a colorful life here in Panama for the last 9 years, learning to speak both Spanish and Ngobe  fluently, hiking throughout the country visiting communities in some of the most remote parts of  the country and experiencing first- hand, the true traditions and culture of Panama life.  After living  and working in the province of Bocas del Toro for three years, she moved to El Valle de Anton to get  a taste of mountain life and to start Dharma Valley Retreat Center.  Yearning for warm weather, she  returned to the coast, but this time chose the Pacific Coast of Panama where she now lives, works  and enjoys all the benefits of living a beach life.

Corrin, a former property manager along the Pacific Coast area, decided to open her own company,  Try Panama Real Estate. Efficient and driven, but friendly and dedicated seem to describe her best.  She has lived in the Pacific Coast/Coronado area for the last 7 years and has gotten to know the area and its residents quite well. She is a passionate runner, vegetarian, and an animal lover. If you visit the Palmar Beach you will most likely run into her and her dog Booka running down the beach.  Contact Corrin directly at, #345-4375 Office, #6550-6302 Cell


Jose Guillermo Broce Pinilla founded Broce-PINILLA & Associates Law Firm in 2005, with the goal of providing a service to customers other than what the traditional law firms offered at that time.  With this goal in mind a team of attorneys with excellent experience in the field of law was created, thus covering the entire spectrum of what a Company, whether national or foreign, may need in order to relocate to Panama.

Jose Guillermo has succeeded in creating management structures for his customers through  specializing in the formation of Panama Corporations and Panamanian Foundations. In addition, he offers Panama Immigration services, Panama Real Estate transaction processing and Panama escrow services.  Broce-Pinilla & Associates work with top offshore banks to process offshore bank introductions for Panama bank accounts and offshore bank accounts in the top offshore tax havens.

Jose Guillermo graduated from the University of Santa Maria La Antigua’s School of Law and Political Science and has developed in the field of Commercial and Administrative Law by applying principles of business, thus achieving a balance between the needs of customers and necessities for providing appropriate legal protection.

An expert in the field of business in Panama, Jose Guillermo has promoted procedures for administration of business that have offered increased profitability for its business owners.  He has vast experience in negotiations between both national and international companies.  He represents Panama as a BMW Super Bike Pilot and competes internationally throughout the year.  He is bilingual and lives and works in Panama City and from the Try Panama Coronado beach office.



Denise MacDonald came to Panama from Ontario, Canada in January, 2011, and has grown to love Panama and all that it has to offer here. Her quest for knowledge, coupled with her passion for adventure, makes it easy for her to share all the wonderful aspects of Panama with those looking to make a new life here as well.

Denise’s passion and hobby is photography and she shares many of her photos in our From the Blog section! She is also an avid athlete – and more particularly, a volleyball player. Most Thursday and Sunday afternoons you will find her playing beach volleyball with friends and clients in Gorgona – come and join us! Please feel free to contact her directly:  denise(at)


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Sarah Booth, originally from B.C. Canada followed her dream of  living  in Latin American in her early 30’s upon selling her Property Management Company in Whistler, B.C. Her dream started in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, where she invested in rental properties, introduced her neighbors to her rental pool and ultimately facilitated purchases and sales through her world-wide networks.

Panama was buzzing and following an International Living conference in 2006 ,Panama City, Sarah realized the investment and lifestyle opportunities Panama offered and began investing in rental properties in Panama City and the beach area of Coronado. Sarah has had great success (and admittedly a “ton of fun, even after surviving 4 renovations”) offering short term rentals and full hospitality services in Panama City and Coronado to her clients and guests.   As an avid golfer and sun seeker, Coronado became the ideal location to settle; particularly due to the many amenities and social aspects of life in the community, as well as close proximity to Panama City.

Sarah invites you to contact her to find out WHY Panama is the BEST destination move in the world, from affordable living, to business opportunities and retiree incentives. As a world traveler, she can’t say enough about the convenient access and hub that Panama offers for travel which is her biggest passion in her time off.

The move into Real estate consulting and sales has been an obvious step in rounding out Sarah’s areas of expertise. Sarah’s attention to detail, extensive research and tireless follow through along with her friendly and energetic disposition makes her a welcome addition to our team!  Please feel free to contact her directly:  6671-1444 or US 727-231-4877


Cat Sage-1Cat Mandell  a trusted real estate guide, fun-loving mentor, and Discoverer of All Things Exquisite, Exclusive, and Extraordinary, moved to Panama from San Antonio, Texas but originally hails from Thibodaux, Louisiana (yes, that is a city!  Forty-five minutes from New Orleans).  She was a mortgage banker prior to relocating to Panama and truly loves her adopted country!

In her words “I tend to cringe at the labels real estate agent, investment consultant, etc, because I’m SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! Really, I AM! I’ll can find my clients a home, sure – easy peasy.  But I’d rather find THE home of their dreams!  After all, most people are not moving to Panama not to find some house. They are moving to Panama to find the lifestyle they deserve.”

Cat is a true believer in helping her clients in every aspect of relocating to Panama and says the “extra mile” is her favorite. Since odds are her clients WILL end up being her new neighbors she firmly believes that she “cannot be worried about hiding from people in the grocery store or at our local eateries. So I have to do what’s best by them!”  Call U.S: (210) 823.1213(210) 823.1213 Panama: +507.6717.6629+507.6717.6629


GBGiacomo Briceno, has over 20 years of experience in the sales market, he has dabbled in almost every area of sales, has lived for several years in Europe (Italy and Switzerland), is adventurous, loves action and sports and maintains a great passion for engines, nature, ​​and animals.
Two years ago his wife received an important job offering in Coronado, and they decided to try and venture leaving the city lifestyle behind. Today she is the Director at Coronado International School where their daughter attends classes. After traveling back and forth from the city and thinking whether to give the permanent change of residence a go or not, he decided to retire from Bavarian Motors where he held the position of BMW Motorrad Manager to moved to the beach to join the Try Panama Real Estate Team.
Giacomo is a reliable testimony of the overwhelming effect of stressful life in the city and how his life has dramatically changed since his move.
He and his family lived the first year in the Coronado Golf & Beach Resort, where he ventured to learn to play golf.  From there he bought an apartment in Playa Coronado, where he currently resides and enjoys the roar of the waves every morning ​​along with leading a comfortable, pleasant and relaxed lifestyle.
Giacomo invites you to contact him to learn more about his moving adventure and the changes he has experienced after moving to this wonderful area while at the same time offering you important advice and guidance on your investment  needs- whether the purpose is retirement or vacation residence.  Please feel free to contact him directly:, (507) 6583-7905


rachelprofileRachel Kern originally from the Big Sky State of Montana, where she attended the University of Montana and graduated with a degree in paralegal studies. In 1997, she relocated to Austin, Texas to continue her legal profession for over 13 years. While continuing legal work, she returned to school to fulfill her desire to study fitness and nutrition. After completing school, she began her own business as a fitness coach and private caterer for clients. Her business was constructed by attention to details, accompanied by excellent customer service and satisfaction. When arriving in Panama, she immediately began coaching fitness and catering to individuals interested in healthy cuisine.

Rachel and her husband made Panama their primary residence in 2011 and have an ongoing interest in real estate opportunities within the country. Before arriving in Panama, they searched through Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua and Costa Rica for their ideal place to live. Once in Panama, they traveled around and choose the beach areas of Gorgona to make their investment. Rachel prides herself in offering professional and exceptional customer service. As a recent investor, Rachel is happy to share her knowledge of Panama to help clients in locating and selecting their ideal properties.