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Questions, Questions, Questions…

by Beth McGuyton on June 13, 2016

Questions, Questions, Questions…

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Working in the Real Estate business here in Panama is hard work… It is not just about selling someone a house then walking away… we have often spent months working with our clients before they even arrive in Panama, answering questions like ‘does Panama have drinking water?’ YES! ‘Can I bring my pets?’ YES… the list goes on…

Then, once someone comes to visit Panama they may come back 3 or 4 times before they even consider buying something… more likely, we advise them to rent here first and make sure that Panama is really for them… Yes, we are probably shooting ourselves in the foot by recommending people rent here first, but we are in the business of helping people to relocate… we are in it with our clients for the long haul!

Finally, if and when our clients do buy their home here, we hope they buy from us! Naturally we feel a little hurt and a bit used if the client we have invested so much time and energy into, then goes and buys from one of the other gazillion other Realtors in the area!

Once our client has bought here, our job continues… often we have become their best friend and advisor over a long period of time, so we often help them to open a bank account, set up their internet service, make phone calls, take them to the doctor… you name it… we will never just sell someone a home, in a completely different country to where they came from, then just walk away and say ‘you’re on your own now kids!’

As this has been the ‘norm’ for us, I have found lots of different websites that I have shared with my clients, websites that offer more impartial help and advice than I ever could, so take a look at some of these if you are thinking of relocating here:

Best Places In The World To Retire – I love this site, great advice on a multitude of top retirement countries, advice from real people, not just people trying to sell you something: https://bestplacesintheworldtoretire.com/

Viva Tropical – Again, some great advice on relocation from Mexico through to Ecuador, Including the very popular Ex Pat town of Boquete here in Panama: http://vivatropical.com/

Playa Community – Great news and help in the beaches area of Panama especially the Expat town of Coronado: http://playacommunity.com/

Punta Pacifica News – Currently only available on Facebook or hard copy, great for City news: https://www.facebook.com/puntapacificanews/

I could go on and on but most of these websites have already covered pretty much everything you need to know, before, during and after your trip to Panama!

But remember… Our Team here at Try Panama are ready and waiting to help you in all aspects of your new life in Panama, from Rentals to Relocation, from Visa’s to Investing… we are a ‘One Stop Shop’

Contact us info@trypanama.com today!


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